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A higher visitor satisfaction thanks to playing and fun

Our goal is to turn every organisation into a child-friendly environment. A play corner gives children a safe place within your organization to play, discover and learn. While the children play, your visitors get more time in your establishment. We strive towards a better world where children can remain kids for as long as possible.

Waiting becomes child's play

When children can enjoy themselves in your establishment, this will be pleasant for children, parents and other visitors. In addition, a kids' area in a public space ensures that you can have undisturbed conversations with your visitors. Whether it's at the reception desk of the city hall or while waiting at the airport. Families will feel welcome because you have provided a more pleasant atmosphere. Happy children result in happy parents.

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The power of play

Around the world, our kids play areas create playing fun in shopping centres, at airports, in government buildings and institutions: you can find our play concepts everywhere. And this is with good reason. Playing pays off. When children enjoy themselves, parents can stay longer, spend more and come back more often.

Waiting areas with a play corner create:

  • Happy children and thus happy parents
  • Increased visitor experience
  • Higher returns
  • More returning visitors
  • A relaxed area for everyone

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