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A kids’ corner increases the hospitality aspect of your business

A play area gives children a safe place to play, discover and learn within your hotel or restaurant. Children always have a large influence on where the family goes for dinner. When children feel welcome and enjoy themselves, their parents will have more time to relax and order an extra drink while the kids play. The pleasantness of a dinner-experience is often closely related to how much the children can enjoy themselves.

Every square metre is valuable, especially in the hospitality branch. So we design play corners that fit within any space. You can choose a single play module or combine multiple play concepts to create a larger play corner, it simply depends on your wishes and the amount of room you have available.

We believe that investing in playing value is one of the essential elements that should not be discarded. It demonstrates that you care about children, about their parents and about the atmosphere in your establishment. And from our experience, we can say that the return on investment for a kids' corner is guaranteed.

Child friendliness is hospitable

Child friendliness contributes to a pleasant environment with respect for children, parents and your employees. By giving everyone a place in an establishment, all guests feel comfortable and welcome. Families can relax while having lunch or dinner and they will be more likely to come back to your establishment because they had a pleasant experience. Additionally, the unique and challenging play corner allows your employees to have more time to optimally serve your guests. All these positive effects result from your choice to create a child friendly atmosphere.

Children remember fun

Playing creates great memories. And these happy memories will give you both short and long term advantages. When children grow up, they will always remember where they used to have fun and this will make them think of your establishment. Brand awareness is developed at an early age and by giving young children a great experience with your brand, you create a positive brand awareness from an early age.

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In addition to a positive brand awareness, here are some other great advantages of a kids' corner:

  • Higher revenues per guest, you will sooner serve an extra drink or dessert
  • A more relaxed atmosphere, convenient for all your guests and for your staff
  • More guests and your guests are more likely to return
  • A competitive advantage
  • The playing child now, is your future customer

How do we know this? After more than 12 years of experience with developing play concepts and collecting feedback from our Hospitality customers we can conclude that play value has a positive effect on the company objectives. 

That is what we call: The power of play.

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