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The advantages of a child-friendly waiting room with a children's play area

Research has shown that, when the interior of the waiting room offers positive distraction, patients will be better able to prepare for their consultation. A kids’ play corner increases the relaxed atmosphere for all patients with 70% because the play corner creates this positive distraction for the children. An additional advantage is that children, who are patients, can play and relax before their consultation, therefore they are less likely to be stressed going into the doctor’s appointment.

The power of playing in medical institutions

Our goal is to turn every organisation into a child friendly environment. We strive to create a better world by giving children the possibility to remain a child for longer. Parents often have to take their children along with them to adult activities, like doctors’ appointments. Unfortunately, this can lead to distractions because the children get bored.

With an IKC play corner, you can create a place where children can retreat, relax and have fun. This will create harmony in the waiting room, because you will make the children feel as welcome as their parents. in addition by offering a fun distraction helps to relax, bored or apprehensive, children so that they are less stressed going into their appointment. 

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The positive effect of play value in healthcare

Our play concepts are accessible, educational, but above all very entertaining. By adding play value, you can easily ensure a comfortable, relaxed waiting period and that has many advantages:

  • Shorter consultations
  • Less stress and tension in children
  • A more relaxed atmosphere in the waiting room
  • A hospitable and positive impression 

For many years we have been developing play concepts for waiting rooms where children can forget their worries and have fun while waiting for an appointment. We do this for GPs, outpatient clinics, dentists and other care institutions worldwide.

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