IKC Custom made

Our concept & design team happily comes up with and designs a full custom-made play area. Together with you. Fully according to your wishes, in your company style, taking the available space and budget in mind. 

After all, what is more wonderful than a kids’ corner that is completely in line with your brand?

Why a custom-made play area?

Because this increases the brand experience with children as well as their parents. You offer something familiar, created to match your core values, mission and vision entirely. Children will be exposed to these values, and their parents as well. It is a great way to entertain children in your own unique way: a kids’ corner or play area where kids can immerse themselves into the world of your brand. The power of play. 

Our products are made in our own factory in China and are SGS certified according to the EN-71 standard. This guarantees that they are safe. Sustainable production is also a highly important for us. So we choose honest materials and ensure that our products last for years.